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Hi Everyone!


My name is Andrew Fisher. I’m a Texan currently living in Las Vegas, NV. I started photography in 2014 initially to capture my love of the outdoors, road trips and adventure. The camera came second to the trip, but eventually, I began going where the camera took me. I photographed anything and everything I could! I like to joke around and say I have no real niche, because I love capturing everything - but I certainly get most excited for restaurant, concert, and tourism/travel photography. I think that’s due to the sense of community that comes with these projects. I’ve had the pleasure of working for all sorts of tourism bureaus throughout the US, including Travel Texas, Explore Minnesota, Travel South Dakota, and more! You can find my work in partnership with brands like Tecovas, Outback Trading, Mountain Khakis, Wasatch Brewing Landmark Project, and others. I’ve been published in Texas Parks and Wildlife, Utah Stories, Texas Highways, Backpacker Magazine, and more!

In the coming years, I hope to plant my roots in the Vegas area and continue growing my skillset in every area I can. I’m always looking for challenges and potential for personal and professional growth. If you have a photoshoot idea that you think sounds fun but might be difficult to capture - I’m your guy! 

I’d love to help you capture your business, your events, or take portraits of you.


I hope to photograph you soon!

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Photographs posted on this site are created by Andrew Fisher, and are protected by intellectual property rights, trademark laws, and other laws both in the United States and other countries. Use of photographs from without permission, is prohibited. 


Please contact Andrew Fisher ( for any questions.

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